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Dennis Mahafkey: Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington Supports Northern Virginia Citizens

Serving the Northern Virginia area, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington is a faith-based nonprofit that brings hope and practical assistance to individuals with diverse needs. Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington provides a wide range of services, including emergency assistance, a car ministry, and a food pantry. The organization serves all, regardless of religious, social, or economic backgrounds.

Today, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington provides supportive services to community members at every stage of their life. Pregnancy counseling, adoption support, and foster care programs help vulnerable children gain stable care. The organization provides emergency shelter via its Christ’s House facility as well as long-term housing for families working to regain economic independence. Plus, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington provides valuable referral services to area seniors to help them secure resources and stay connected to their community.

Thanks to the support of many volunteers and donors, the organization reaches many who have not only economic, but also spiritual and emotional needs as well. Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington provides vital support to many of Northern Virginia’s most at-risk citizens.

About the author: Senior real estate consultant Dennis Mahafkey has served home buyers and sellers in Northern Virginia since 1981. Mr. Mahafkey actively supports Catholic Charities, Diocese of Arlington and many other worthy causes.


Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS By Dennis Mahafkey

posted at All Rights ReservedFounded in 1921, the Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS (NVAR) began as the Alexandria-Arlington-Fairfax Real Estate Board with 40 members. Today, the organization supports roughly 10,000 Realtors throughout Northern Virginia. These real estate professionals have helped to create an $11 billion industry in the state. NVAR offers its members continuing education, market analysis, real estate law updates, certification verification, lockbox services, and advocacy for the improvement of the real estate industry. The NVAR’s educational opportunities include classes in appraisal, designations, licensing, and the principles of real estate, and it offers networking events and awards to its top performing members.

The group also provides resources to consumers, such as lists of available homes, pertinent statistics, resources for complaint filing and arbitration, and a Realtors locator. It also sells low-cost reading materials such as Buying, Selling or Renting Brochure; What Everyone Should Know About Equal Opportunity Housing; A Realtor’s Role: Understanding the Options; and How to Avoid Predatory Lending. Additionally, the NVAR’s website includes an extensive list of real estate laws and ethics information.

Working to improve the real estate industry abroad, NVAR collaborates with leaders in the field in China, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. The organization also supports eco-friendly building practices and constructed an energy- and water-efficient headquarters with sustainable resources and labor. To learn more about the NVAR, visit or call the organization’s main office at (703) 207-3200.

Introduction to Realtor Designations By Dennis Mahafkey

Whether you are buying or selling property, the process of finding the right real estate agent to suit your specific needs can often be daunting. To help with this process, there are a number of designations set forth by professional real estate organizations to better inform consumers about the type and level of training achieved by a given agent. You will often see these designations as an acronym following your Realtor’s name. This guide offers a brief introduction to some of the major designations.

GRI (Graduate, Realtor Institute) – Graduates of this foundational and comprehensive series of real estate courses earn this nationally recognized designation.

CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) – This designation, as put forth by the Residential Sales Council of the National Association of Realtors, signifies excellence within the field of real estate. This title is awarded to Realtors with years of advanced training and experience.

CIPS (Certified International Property Specialist) – Members of the Certified International Property Specialist Network receive special training to help them successfully broker international property deals. Unique considerations for the international market include exchange rates and cultural differences.

ABR (Accredited Buyer Representative) – Realtors who successfully complete this course provided by REBAC (Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council) are awarded the ABR designation. This training gives Realtors valuable insight into the nature of the market and how it relates specifically to buyers.

RAA (Residential Accredited Appraiser) – Highly trained appraisers whose education and experience exceed state regulation earn this title.

This list is by no mean exhaustive, but it will offer some guidance toward finding the right Realtor for you.

Dennis Mahafkey is the founder and a practicing Senior Real Estate Consultant for Your Find Homes Team, located in Fairfax, Virginia. With over 30 years experience in the field, Mr. Mahafkey has earned a number of awards and recognitions. Among his other qualifications, Dennis Mahafkey is GRI-certified and a qualified CRS.

Your Find Homes Team By Dennis Mahafkey

A valuable resource for any potential home buyers, Dennis Mahafkey of Your Find Homes Team provides listings, reports, financial tools, buying tips, and information about specific communities in Northern Virginia. Since 1981, the company has helped buyers maximize their purchases and receive as many of their desired amenities as possible for the best price. Your Find Homes Team also helps sellers increase the profitability of their homes in order to procure the highest possible sale price, in addition to helping with the minutiae of the sale process. It also offers free resources on its website, including loan information, a mortgage calculator, and buying and selling guides.

Committed to excellence, Your Find Homes Team has garnered a number of awards from the Northern Virginia Association of REALTORS (NVAR), including the International Presidents Club, Lifetime Top Producer, National Top 1,000 Agents Team, and the Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club, since 1982. The team strives to remain up-to-date, continuing to innovate to keep up with current housing market trends. To learn more about Your Find Homes Team, visit the company website at or contact the office via phone, fax, or email.

About the Author:

Senior Real Estate Consultant Dennis Mahafkey has served as a Certified Buyers Agent and Listing Marketing Specialist with the Your Find Homes Team. Holding a BS in Business Administration, he has earned further education at the Graduate Realtors Institute and maintains membership with the NVAR. Mr. Mahafkey maintains specialties in short sales and pre-foreclosure negotiations.

The Nature of the Housing Market

In this interview, real estate expert Dennis Mahafkey discusses the nature of the housing market and some tips for buyers and sellers.

Q: What is the current state of the housing market? What does the future hold?

A: We’ve all seen or heard the news: it is not good. That said, I am not sure the reporting we commonly hear regarding the depressed housing market necessarily covers all the salient points. The American housing market is a special kind of ecosystem that draws from many aspects of the nation’s economy. It is not as simple as buy and sell. There are currently a number of initiatives and ideas happening at the congressional level that will hopefully kick-start the process of rebuilding confidence on both sides.

Q: What tips can you give to people looking to buy a home in this market?

A: It is basically the same as any other time, but perhaps use a modicum of extra caution. As always, watch your credit score; if it is not what you think it should be, consider waiting and working on it. There is a lot of money to be saved by getting the best interest rate, and a good FICO score helps. Something else to consider would be finding the right house. It seems elementary, but as people we adapt quickly to ideas, so we can quickly see ourselves in a home that might not actually be right for us. Bearing these things in mind, if you are ready and prices are low, you might want to jump.

Q: How about sellers, any advice for them?

A: Sellers are in a tricky situation. It is worth seriously examining the market and comparing it with the necessity to sell. Obviously if one can wait for a better time, that is optimal, but again, no one wants to see their property value decline. Also, get a Realtor and an appraiser you trust. Take the time to build those relationships.

The founder and Senior Real Estate Consultant for Your Find Homes Team, located in Fairfax, Virginia, Dennis Mahafkey has spent 30 years working with buyers and sellers through the ups and downs of the real estate market.


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